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Group B: November 7

The group leaves their monastery base to head northeast to Pellia, as per Rho’s instructions. Running parallel to and outpacing the undead army, the group used the cover of the forest at night to remain undetected.

Undetected from the undead army, that is.

A group of goblins, in a highly unlikely fashion due to their being displaced by the spreading chaos, attacked the group in an attempt to steal their weapons and armor. They kept mentioning their “friend”, a cave troll they somehow got a hold of. There’s no telling how many goblins died trying to subdue it, but either way, they had one. And it was ANGRY.

After fighting off the first wave of goblins and grievously injuring their leader, they let their troll loose. Much to the goblins’ (and the GM’s) chagrin, the troll was quickly disposed of, with Kazimir casting an “increase size” spell on Brutus, making him less of a half-orc and more of a full-on orc. After what was more or less an epic beatdown, Arch delivered the killing blow.

Sadly, Alejandro, who had taken a strength mutagen, was unable to land a hit, leaving the potion more or less wasted. He chased the remaining goblins into the woods with his fellow alchemist on his back just as the potion ran out.

Arriving at Pellia after journeying with little rest through miserable conditions of freezing rain and sleet, the group alerts the guards of the coming army. Their commanding officer, along with what appears to be a high-level mage, begin to escort the group to a meeting place. Alejandro, out of the goodness of his heart, gave bread and an apple to a woman and her children. They began thanking him quite profusely, drawing the attention of other people in the city. As people gather around, a man of rather ill repute attempted to get food from the group by threatening Desdemona. This was a terrible mistake, as Des, with a sigh and roll of her eyes, broke the man’s wrist as she disarmed him.

Shouts such as “They ’urt ’im fer no reason!” and “They gawt food and they ain’t sharin’!!” can be heard from the increasingly hostile crowd.


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