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Group B: November 7

The group leaves their monastery base to head northeast to Pellia, as per Rho’s instructions. Running parallel to and outpacing the undead army, the group used the cover of the forest at night to remain undetected.

Undetected from the undead army, that is.

A group of goblins, in a highly unlikely fashion due to their being displaced by the spreading chaos, attacked the group in an attempt to steal their weapons and armor. They kept mentioning their “friend”, a cave troll they somehow got a hold of. There’s no telling how many goblins died trying to subdue it, but either way, they had one. And it was ANGRY.

After fighting off the first wave of goblins and grievously injuring their leader, they let their troll loose. Much to the goblins’ (and the GM’s) chagrin, the troll was quickly disposed of, with Kazimir casting an “increase size” spell on Brutus, making him less of a half-orc and more of a full-on orc. After what was more or less an epic beatdown, Arch delivered the killing blow.

Sadly, Alejandro, who had taken a strength mutagen, was unable to land a hit, leaving the potion more or less wasted. He chased the remaining goblins into the woods with his fellow alchemist on his back just as the potion ran out.

Arriving at Pellia after journeying with little rest through miserable conditions of freezing rain and sleet, the group alerts the guards of the coming army. Their commanding officer, along with what appears to be a high-level mage, begin to escort the group to a meeting place. Alejandro, out of the goodness of his heart, gave bread and an apple to a woman and her children. They began thanking him quite profusely, drawing the attention of other people in the city. As people gather around, a man of rather ill repute attempted to get food from the group by threatening Desdemona. This was a terrible mistake, as Des, with a sigh and roll of her eyes, broke the man’s wrist as she disarmed him.

Shouts such as “They ’urt ’im fer no reason!” and “They gawt food and they ain’t sharin’!!” can be heard from the increasingly hostile crowd.

Group A: A Brief History of the War for Preservation

To understand the cause of the War for Preservation, one must first understand the ruling philosophies behind The Unified Duchies of Lachland (most commonly known as simply Lachland or The League) and the Alundrian Empire (Alundra being the capital city-state under whose banner all duchies were united).

The Unified Duchies of Lachland are a group of quasi-independent duchies, each governed by a duke or duchess owing allegiance to the High Chancellor of Lachland. The High Chancellor is elected, chosen by the dukes, duchesses and their closest advisors (think of the election of a Pope for a frame of reference). Perhaps the only restraint to each duchy’s independence is the limitation of military forces – no duchy can have its own military beyond border defense forces. Each duchy pays a tax to Lachland, which in turn provides military protection for the entire league. Duchies join the League upon a vote – none are annexed by force.

The Alundrian Empire, by contrast, is run by an absolutist monarch who rules from the capital in Alundra, as it has been for the past 250 years. Prior to the days of the Empire, the lands that would eventually become annexed were poverty-stricken fiefdoms, subject to raids from neighboring lands and from those beyond the Dragon’s Spine Mountains. One particular city-state, Vell, began allying itself with neighbors to fight back raiders. Over time the allied duchies began to refer to themselves as Alundra, named after the great mythological hero. One by one they annexed nearby fiefdoms until the original seventeen duchies were under one banner.

Of course, one would argue that life in an absolutist state would be undesirable, since freedom is limited and laws are given by the crown without vote or consent of the ruled. However, poverty within the Empire is non-existent, war is a distant memory and the people are very pleased with their lot in life.

The War for Preservation began three years ago when Hestis, one of the borderlands of the Alundrian Empire, declared independence, desiring to be a part of Lachland. Practically overnight, Empire soldiers that were stationed in Hestis were imprisoned (some were killed) as a militia formed. Upon hearing news of the rebellion, the Queen immediately dispatched the army to quell the unrest. Once the army arrived, they were surprised by a large faction of the Lachland military. As fighting began, the neighboring duchy of Archadia declared independence.

Both Lachland and Alundra are taking the actions of the other as aggression – The Empire believes that Hestis and Archadia were provoked into rebellion by neighboring Lachland duchies. The Hestis rebellion was quelled, but Alundrian forces marched beyond the border into Grell, seeking to annex them as reparation for provoking the rebellion. Now, both sides are embroiled in a war along the entire border, with Lachland forces aided by local rebels in an attempt to push back the Empire.

The Empire has slightly maintained the upper hand in the conflict, sending out their mercenary force, The Red Hand, to strategically strike various targets to turn the tide of the war. However, with each battle that the Empire wins, another borderland duchy rebels.

And now, as you are aware, the Red Hand has gone rogue.

Group B: October 24

Not content with going back to sleep while the ground began to shake, Alejandro decided to wake up as many people as possible – with the exception of Desdemona. While everyone deliberated what to do, Brutus ate a “Bro, I got this” sammich and decided to investigate upstairs. Sarbasian followed, his crossbow at the ready.

After looking through each window cautiously – north, east, south, west, possibly north again, and definitely west again – the two saw that the sound wasn’t coming from an area immediate to the monastery itself. It was, however, noticeably rhythmic – much like a force on the move. Brutus went into the open steeple and peered east as a flash of lightning illuminated what looked like a massive army marching through the valley below. Sarbasian went outside to a cliff that overlooks the valley, seeing what looked like men floating every 50 feet or so with the army. Like a boss, Sarbasian went in for a closer look. He saw…

…wait for it…


Each of the floating figures wore the cloak of the cult they’ve been tracking, and seemed to be using their powers to command the army forward. The trouble is that they’re heading for Pellia – the city Rho told everyone to meet at. While there is a choke point at the edge of the valley that will slow the army, they will arrive at Pellia in two days’ time.

Sarbasian came back into the base to tell everyone the news, with the intent to beat the army to Pellia before all hell breaks loose. Everyone began to mobilize, except for Desdemona, who had to be shocked by a low-level electricity spell to wake up from her drunken stupor.

Group A: October 23

After fighting off goblins and defeating an earth elemental, the adventurers head back to the home of an animal druid to heal their injuries. Swayed by their plight, she agrees to join. Upon leaving, the group is attacked by a member of the former Red Hand, the Ragechemist gnome named Vorn. The battle is no contest, as various party members are easily defeated, with a few losing their weapons (and in the druid’s case, her home) in the process.

Upon arriving in the city, Zeon attempts to pick a fight with a guard, and is promptly dissuaded from doing so by his fellow travelers. The group meets with the Queen’s adviser, Baron Ellst, and informs him of their investigation at the monastery.

Group B: October 22

After being tricked by “Ivan”, the adventurers were transported three weeks into the future. The black clouds that hovered over the trade city of Thann have now spread even further, as the temperature has dropped to near-freezing. The monastery that Rho (a member of the Order of the Stormcrow) had kept as a safehouse has evidently been attacked and looted during the group’s time in temporal flux.

Upon exploring the grounds, a charred stake with the bones of a half-elf were discovered. One could be led to believe that these are the bones of the imposter posing as Ivan. However, no confirmation could be made.

The group discovered two things: first, a gnome had taken refuge in the monastery, and was using the basement level as his living quarters. Secondly, Rho left a note, which, after being decoded by Arch, read as follows:

“If the sky is blue, head to Whitethorn and seek the Order; If the sky is black,
head to the port at Pellia and take a ship east to Locke Isle. Show your badge upon landing.”

The adventurers decided to make the safehouse their home base, due to the basement level being very secure and completely untouched by the various bandits and warring hordes that have come by. Flynn has agreed to be an assistant of sorts, hunting and keeping watch over the safehouse while everyone is gone.

As everyone sleeps, Alejandro, staying up to read, notices what feels like a minor earthquake. He wakes Flynn, who says nonchalantly, “Eh, that happens from time to time…no big deal…” and falls back asleep.

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