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Group B: October 24

Not content with going back to sleep while the ground began to shake, Alejandro decided to wake up as many people as possible – with the exception of Desdemona. While everyone deliberated what to do, Brutus ate a “Bro, I got this” sammich and decided to investigate upstairs. Sarbasian followed, his crossbow at the ready.

After looking through each window cautiously – north, east, south, west, possibly north again, and definitely west again – the two saw that the sound wasn’t coming from an area immediate to the monastery itself. It was, however, noticeably rhythmic – much like a force on the move. Brutus went into the open steeple and peered east as a flash of lightning illuminated what looked like a massive army marching through the valley below. Sarbasian went outside to a cliff that overlooks the valley, seeing what looked like men floating every 50 feet or so with the army. Like a boss, Sarbasian went in for a closer look. He saw…

…wait for it…


Each of the floating figures wore the cloak of the cult they’ve been tracking, and seemed to be using their powers to command the army forward. The trouble is that they’re heading for Pellia – the city Rho told everyone to meet at. While there is a choke point at the edge of the valley that will slow the army, they will arrive at Pellia in two days’ time.

Sarbasian came back into the base to tell everyone the news, with the intent to beat the army to Pellia before all hell breaks loose. Everyone began to mobilize, except for Desdemona, who had to be shocked by a low-level electricity spell to wake up from her drunken stupor.


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