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Group B: October 22

After being tricked by “Ivan”, the adventurers were transported three weeks into the future. The black clouds that hovered over the trade city of Thann have now spread even further, as the temperature has dropped to near-freezing. The monastery that Rho (a member of the Order of the Stormcrow) had kept as a safehouse has evidently been attacked and looted during the group’s time in temporal flux.

Upon exploring the grounds, a charred stake with the bones of a half-elf were discovered. One could be led to believe that these are the bones of the imposter posing as Ivan. However, no confirmation could be made.

The group discovered two things: first, a gnome had taken refuge in the monastery, and was using the basement level as his living quarters. Secondly, Rho left a note, which, after being decoded by Arch, read as follows:

“If the sky is blue, head to Whitethorn and seek the Order; If the sky is black,
head to the port at Pellia and take a ship east to Locke Isle. Show your badge upon landing.”

The adventurers decided to make the safehouse their home base, due to the basement level being very secure and completely untouched by the various bandits and warring hordes that have come by. Flynn has agreed to be an assistant of sorts, hunting and keeping watch over the safehouse while everyone is gone.

As everyone sleeps, Alejandro, staying up to read, notices what feels like a minor earthquake. He wakes Flynn, who says nonchalantly, “Eh, that happens from time to time…no big deal…” and falls back asleep.


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